Mirai: Register Now!

Hi guys,


A milestone has hit Mirai, register is now officially open.

SIGN UP NOW! http://mirai.so/join/

Here’s a caption from the register page:

Join Mirai early to claim your account and your free pre-release gift! Once you create your account, you will receive a surprise gift on the day that Mirai officially opens! Random users will be e-mailed an early access link to try out Mirai a bit earlier than everyone else. Be sure to check your e-mail often to see if you are allowed to access Mirai early.

Make sure you register now to reserve your username and gain a low ID. Also make sure to use a real email address, accounts with an invalid email will be removed from the database. Selected players will be randomly emailed a link of early access to Mirai‘s servers. You can also register an account on Mirai that contains 2-3 characters. Reserve your username(s) now!

Mirai has almost reached 1,000 registered users within 12 hours of register launch!

Register now!


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Oasis Downtime, Mirai News + Contest #1 Extended




As you may be already aware, Oasis is currently suffering downtime.

Oasis has been down for little under a day, with it going offline 8:50pm PST. The team is currently aware of this issue, as the fault is on our side. We are currently working on a fix, to bring you back Oasis as soon as possible.


The rumored launch date of Mirai, was said to be November 2nd. We can now confirm today that this was only a rumor, and that the official launch date has not yet been revealed. Please pay close attention to the website, Mirai.SO as a countdown timer to Mirai‘s launch will soon be added to then give you an appropriate time estimate on when the server is ready. It will be officially announced on Mirai‘s official Twitter handle @Mirai_SO & will be spread throughout our social media platforms too, to notify you when you can register. Just to reinstate, Mirai will not launch on November 2, it will be delayed until further notice.

Contest #1

As mentioned in a previous post we have launched our first official contest. Due to the limited entries & Oasis downtime, we have decided to extend this contest over the next week. The new date of closure of our contest is: November 9 2015 at 8PM PST. This will now allow you to have more time to plan your igloo designs and enter in your contest. You can click here to view our contest again.

We will keep you posted for more news on Oasis & Mirai as they come.


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CPPS Updates

Hello fellow users,

Due to the recent downgrade in CPPS quality, we’ve decided to add a rating system to our CPPS list. The purpose of this system is to prove which CPPS’ are 100% in quality development and do NOT have have unoriginal content. This ranges from staff members, quality, security and features. We’ve rated these CPPS’ on a star based system, which will be explained below.

What do these stars mean?
★                  Poorly developed, bad staff, copied or no features
★★              Moderately developed, okay staff with copied or no features
★★★           Developed well, okay staff with little features
★★★★       Developed great, good staff with some features that are original
★★★★★    Very well developed, excellent staff team with 100% original features

As seen above, we’ve given a description for each rating from 1-5 stars. If you see a CPPS with no stars, that means it’s offline or currently in development. You’ll notice which one’s which by the status which is right above the rating.

To make sure you play a secure CPPS that’s safe, try to follow this system as it’s very accurate.

Thank you,


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Contest #1

Hey guys,

We hope you’re already enjoying Speedy CPPSHQ’s return!

As Speedy CPPSHQ is your home of CPPS news, updates, events & contests, it’s only fitting to launch our first official contest. We’ve thought long and hard, and came to the decision for CONTEST 1 which is a…


We’re getting right into the Halloween spirit, and we want this contest to reflect on your creativity skills. We want you to design an appropriate ‘Halloween’ themed igloo, on any CPPS you choose, that’s right, you can design your igloo on ANY CPPS that has working igloos.

Once you have created your masterpiece, we require a screenshot, of it. To take a screenshot, you can use Lightshot, or any other screen capturing software to capture and upload your picture to a link.


Our prizes will be VIP feature codes that you can then redeem, or transfer to a friend on Oasis. The prizes as follows:

FIRST PRIZE: Bubble Color & Name Glow + VIP feature of your choosing on Oasis

SECOND PRIZE: Name Glow + VIP feature of your choosing on Oasis

THIRD PRIZE: Name Glow on Oasis

If there is a tie between any of the above, we will award both individuals with the prize coinciding with the rank listed above.


The deadline for this contest is Monday 2nd November, 8PM PST. Late entries will not be accepted. This will allow you to have a sufficient amount of time to produce an igloo design.


  1. Only ONE entry is permitted per person.
  2. The igloo needs to resemble a ‘Halloween’ theme.
  3. Winner(s) need to own a Oasis account.
  4. If codes wished to be gifted to another user, enter(ee) needs to state username of the penguin on wanting codes transferred to. If unsure at current time period, it will need to be alerted 24 hours after winners announcement.
  5. Replicating other igloo designs of contest enter(ees) are prohibited. If caught, automatically disqualified.
  6. Screenshot needs to feature entire igloo, not just one section. Full-screen screenshot(recommended).
  7. Penguin name/Penguin name receiving codes if won & screenshot must be featured in a comment, posted below this post. Also, when filling out the comment form on the bottom of this page, try to use an email address on which we can contact you, to help us notify you sooner. Although, this is not mandatory.
  8. Competition closes Monday 2nd November, 8PM PST. Late entries will not be accepted.
  9. Igloo can be designed on any CPPS with working igloos.
  10. Winners will be announced after Monday 2nd November, 8PM PST on https://speedycppshq.wordpress.com in blog post.
  11. Competition valid only for prizes on Oasis.
  12. Competition winners will be transferred the VIP features in code format, and will need to be redeemed on the winning accounts here: https://account.oasis.ps/my-codes
  13. If winning codes are not redeemed within a week of the competition, a new winner will be selected to claim the prize.
  14. The competition is not affiliated with Administration of Oasis, but are run by Michael & Chris who are staff members on Oasis. The codes purchased are purchased using individual credits and are not given for no cost as promotional use. For more information about this contest, please contact: michael@oasis.ps or chris@oasis.ps.
  15. Winners usernames will also be tweeted out on our official Twitter account @MiraiNews.

We hope you have fun taking part in this contest, good luck & Happy Halloween!


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Mirai.SO – Making an appearance next month!

Hello all,

As you may already know, Mirai is making it’s reappearance soon! Are you as excited as we are? Mirai was a huge CPPS in 2013-2014 as it had thousands beyond thousands of users. This original CPPS had a vast array of mind-blowing features that attracted the users. Below, we will list some of these features that Mirai is going to bring back, and in the future we will show you new ones once it’s out! Be prepared because you’ll want to play Mirai straight away!

1. Snowball Server!

Yes, Mirai’s Snowball Server is making it’s return as well! This game is iconic to the CPPS community, causing other servers to create their own games related to it. The game holds a special place in our hearts, and now it’s coming back!

2. Marry/BFF System


The awesome Marry/BFF feature is definitely coming back! As you may know, Oasis had a recent update where you could Marry + BFF people at the same time. This might be transferred over to Mirai, but that will be held as something you’ll need to find out when it officially opens to the public.

3. In-Game Screenshot Camera


Remember the In-Game Screenshot Camera? Well, this is going to be implemented once again! This will save you time, as third-party use for taking a screenshot will no longer be necessary.

4. Party Switcher


Just like on Mirai last time, there will be a party switcher! Party Switchers generally spice up the environment of which you’re playing in by adding extra unique designs.

5. Nameglow/Bubblecolor


This time, nameglow is going to be different! You will have an option to “fan it out” like it is in the given picture, or have it like it is on Oasis. This will give users a wider select of character designs.

6. Saved Outfits


Saved Outfits will be just like it was before. If you’ve played Mirai in the past, this will be exciting because the layout was pretty cool!

7. Transformations


Remember the transformations that Mirai had? Oasis might not have them, but they will all be re-added back! So, those of you who are into transforming into cool characters then be excited for what’s coming!

8. Friends List


Remember this? Well, Mirai’s friends list made it so you could see their penguin + the last time they were online all in the list itself. This will also be re-added.

9. Special Events!


This picture holds a memory of the 2013 Christmas event on Mirai. The staff members will definitely be doing the same when Mirai re-opens. There’s a lot of cool things planned out for the upcoming CPPS, so be prepared to relive old memories as Mirai will be exactly the same as last time.

All features seen above were first implemented into Mirai. Due to the great quality of these features, other CPPS’ have added them as well. Right now you see a lot of great CPPS’ with these features added in the game. Props to them for being able to replicate what was once on one CPPS.

These features were already apart of Mirai, but this was just a sneak peak showing you examples of what they may look like. Designs may be subject to change at any given time, and new features will be added as well.

New administration!?

Mirai is expanding it’s team with new mods and new administration. Yes, that’s right, this CPPS will be ran by entirely new people! The staff on Oasis right now are still going to be working on there, but more people are going to be given a chance to shine this time!

Who are the current staff members right now?


  • Tybone10 (Not going to be on Mirai)

Staff Leaders

  • Izzy
  • Chris
  • Alana


  • Michael
  • Lorie

Be sure to expect many new staff members as Mirai rolls around the corner! Applications to apply for staff will be implemented into the website soon. Start drafting up your applications now!

Follow this format if you are interested: http://pastebin.com/vkxTVi7j

NOTICE: This application format is not official. Use it for practicing purposes, however. Actual moderator applications will be in the form of a support ticket. You may use the information you provided in this format, just don’t put it in the form of questions- put it in paragraphs.

Thank you all for reading! If you have any more questions about Mirai, feel free to comment below and we will reply to you guys.

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Mirai FAQ

Hey guys,


I have decided to add a FAQ on the upcoming Mirai.SO, on which was an insight in a recent interview I took part in for CPPS Galaxy.

All information provided below a direct quotes from myself & are set to change at any given time.

What gave you/the team the idea to bring back Mirai?
The team felt that it was only right to do so. We have worked entirely on making the user experience the most enjoyable it can possibly be, and from the beginning of Oasis we wanted the user to have the experience that we strive so hard to achieve. We have developed Oasis into being one of the most advanced CPPS’ ever, with unique features that has never been seen on a CPPS before. Tybone has worked hard into giving Oasis its name, putting in countless work into making Oasis a unique, comfortable cpps that any user can login and enjoy. From the inspiration in the past, our user rate has slowly declined, and the numbers were not there. We also felt that from hearing directly from our users, they missed Mirai, the server was perfect for many, with it having features that users cannot ‘live without’ and for a lot of users, the start of many friendships beginning on Mirai. We only felt right to bring it back, once again, coming down to a team decisions for the best. We are super excited for the users to check it out, we all know you will love it as much as you loved it in the past.

Will Mirai be different to what it used to be?
No. What we want to bring back is exactly how we left off. All old features that were on Mirai, will be brought back for our new launch. Including the design of the game, and the website in entirety. We simply want to pick up where we left off, and that is in simple our goal is to trigger the memories of our users, as we want the user to enjoy the game. What the CPPS community really needs right now is a CPPS that they felt like home on, and for this reason Mirai is being brought back, to make the user want to return to. Remembering Mirai will be a completely different CPPS from Oasis, it will have features that will blow your mind, if you have never experienced it before. Although, the team are currently working on some features that you may have never seen on a CPPS before, meaning a first in the CPPS community.. and by looking at them now, you will absolutely love these brand new innovative features, never to be seen before. For those who do not know, Mirai is the successor to Oasis. Not everything from Oasis will be available on Mirai. The reason for this is because the team felt Oasis had too much. Oasis just felt bulky. So, our goal for Mirai is for it to be not too simple and not too complex. We want everything to be easy to use, and we want the server to be enjoyable.

How long has Mirai been in development?
Mirai has been in the development process for the past couple of weeks. The server is currently being in the processes of being restored, along with changing the website design slightly, still looking identical to the old website, but a neater view. Mirai is currently still in the development process and is slowly making its way to the finish line, of our expected launch date in November, but is subject to change.

Who is the team behind Mirai?
A) The team consists of the current Oasis team. Which are myself (Michael), Chris, Alana, Izzy & Lorie. Mirai will be run by a different administration team, to Oasis, which you will have the chance to find out later upon Mirai‘s launch. We will be looking to hire and expand our team to a much more bigger spectrum, and our team will be recruiting upon launch.. so start drafting those Moderator applications!

What will make Mirai the best CPPS?
We don’t want to get out of our way in saying we are the best CPPS.. even though we know it will be bigger than anything ever seen before, and a ‘MUST PLAY’ server. The server will be re-birthed into something unique and dynamic to play. Our reasons for re-creating Mirai are simple: we want to make a server that can be enjoyable for all. Our goal is to not only please all of our users, but to be innovative as well. Mirai will have many features, but not so much as to overwhelm anyone, including ourselves. Mirai will become a CPPS to attract a bigger market, and have a many servers which can support large amounts of players at once. The up-time for Mirai will be high, and will have plenty of things to do throughout your time on Mirai. The team on Mirai is one of the most perfect hand-crafted moderator teams a server has ever came across, and we take pride in holding such high values within a team. This again, will benefit the user experienced highly and become a server that will reach a large-scale audience, from where all original Mirai users (40,000 users) will receive an email from us, notifying them upon launch, along with all current Oasis players (60,000 users). That is a combined reach for 100,000+ audience we will hopefully be attracting back.

Will Mirai have custom Items available?
Mirai will again have Custom Items. With many favourites returning. We will also be working on hiring a Designer, on which can continuously focus on creating brand new custom items for Mirai, along with taking on custom item suggestions from our community, as we value interaction with our users to a high extent.

Will Mirai have VIP?
Mirai will not have VIP. As we are bringing back Mirai exactly how it was, we will not be including the VIP rank. Although, we will have a credit store, on where you can purchase special features to enhance your Mirai experience. With that, we are bringing back your old favourites, with the Snowball Server to earn credits, and find four matches (with hopefully soon a leader-board) to allow you to gain credits. If you have had VIP features on Oasis, that can be transferred to your Mirai account via access of your account key, which can be found via https://account.oasis.ps/login. This key holds all details of you account, on which will make it an easy transfer of key items such as your account details to Mirai. Alike the transfer in the past from Penguin Oasis to Mirai, it will be completed with ease, so no need to worry if you are lost and confused, we will make this transition as easy as possible for you.

Important Notice: All information provided are correct at this given time, but may subject to change at any given time. Please be aware that Mirai.SO is currently still in development stages, and information provided may need to be altered upon change.

Visit the official website here: http://mirai.so/



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New Administration

Greetings all,

We’ve got exciting news for the following CPPS blogs:

  • Speedy CPPSHQ
  • DigitalCPPS
  • DigitialCPPS News
  • DigitalCPPSv3
  • Alvins CPPS Tips
  • Striking Sun 

Myself & Chris will be taking full control of these blogs, with a massive re-brand set to follow! This is to celebrate the upcoming CPPS’ return, Mirai.SO & bring back exciting CPPS memories which we’ve shared together in the past.

We will be bringing you an interactive experience when Mirai.SO launches!

With all blogs put together, we have a combined total unique site views of 300,000+ views, which is an amazing audience reach & we will be working our hardest to bring you exciting new daily content, and a high standard of posts, unlike the posting in the past. With that being said, all staff whom has been hired in our late 2011-2012 era have been fired. That was the reason for our closure, so now we will begin off fresh.

Stay tuned for more exciting news & updates upon the coming days!

– Michael & Chris

New Website Administration 

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