How to make a CPPS

Hello guys i am here to teach you how to create a CPPS.

Firstly download all these things.




Alright now lets begin. You downloaded the play.rar correct now extract and put it in your HTDOCS it is located in your C drive XAMPP and then click HTDOCS and paste it in there.  Good thats the first step now paste the server.rar also in there. Next Go to taskbar and type in XAMPP. It will show the XAMPP control panel once you did this you will see Apache and MYSQL  run both off those. Now type in your web browser localhost/phpmyadmin/ click databases and create a db named Nova after that go to the database named nova click it and then you should see up the top Import then click it and click import again then go to your server aka the source then go to SQL and paste the database.sql in. After that refresh and go to the bottom and click the users then up the top it should say something starting with I after that click it fill in the details. Stop there this tutorial isn’t finished the links aren’t here yet. Just wait unital i finish the full tutorial with snapshots thanks!



Hello, if most of you are wondering who I am, I’m just a retired author. My name is Pickle1020. But you just can call me iTurbo.

My interests are football, wrestling, socializing, documents, CPPS, Club Penguin and dsgHQ games.

My hobbies are football and wrestling. While my favorite CPPS is…!



New author Skull

Hello my name is Skull. In my whole life i had other names like Tom or even iTom. But my now i call myself Lord Skull.

I am a new author here at SpeedyCPPSHQ i will post daily and tell you great new things! Met even give tutorials on How to make a CPPS! All off those great stuff! Well bye for now!

We’re down but not quite out!

Greetings readers and staff,

As you may have heard from the main admin Rexy (who is which now retired), he has decided to close Speedy CPPSHQ entirely, and which he has set the blog to private.

I’ve decided that we should continue to run Speedy CPPSHQ into the future.

The blog’s now going to undergo drastic changes in order to improve quality and demand. Starting with the staff. I have made the biggest mistake into hiring in-adequate staff members and staff members who have bad spelling an grammar. I take blame for that, and that is which partly the reason why the blog may be like this today. From which, we will undergo a staffing change, which I will decide who will stay, and who will go. Then we will launch into new applications, which are more improved.

Blog events have never worked out, so now they will be put on hold and it may un-decided if they will continue in the future.  As which we will also launch a contact email, where teams will be assigned to moderate inquires, and respond. Also, we will have newsletters, summing up the month of our blog, and team bulletins so we will all stay in contact.

There are loads more renovations that will occur, and we are unsure when these will be finished. Please stay patient as we launch into the new year fresh.

Thanks for sticking with us,

Robot2 - Speedy CPPSHQ Administration

SpeedyCPPSHQ Closing

Well, this is a place where i would not be…But i have to.

Since August/September  2012 SpeedyCPPSHQ had some good moments and not so good moments. We are very happy with all this work,both from the staff and the readers.

Oh? Who I am? Well I’m the Founder of this place. For some months ago,I retired and gave all my ownership to Robot2. And yes,Im still retiring,but now I’m Sorry but i have to take This place with me. But enough of me.

I have seen all this mess..This Place is under control! There has been alot staff retiring or leaving because of Hacking,Lost Friends,Mean Comments(About Grammar) and alot more bad. We can’t take this anymore. So its the best for this place to say Goodbye.

I am really sorry.I don’t want to,but i have to. Either if you are sad or not or rage or whatever, I need to do it. It has been decided. You have still time to say goodbye in the comments. Leave a good word for the site. The day this site will end is: 7.December
Goodbye SpeedyCPPSHQ.. We will miss you.



September 2012-December 2013

Josh5 – A Josh09 Studios Entertainment CPPS Forum!

Josh5 is a CPPS forum owned by me (josh09). Staff is me and andy. USERS NEEDED. You can use your twitter, windows live and google account to register without activision.

I’m Back

Greetings Users,

Cybium Here.

Sorry for not posting much. I had been busy since I left. I’m sorry for this again. I’m creating a new cpps and I hope to post it soon. I have been also busy with my family issues. I would post about my cpps soon. Sorry Again.



Retiring SpeedyCPPSHQ.

It’s time. All of my friends are in-active or have left SpeedyCPPSHQ. But now, I am moving on to, life. I am very sorry about this. All of my work was, I said was real. I made everything in Stockwave Flash IDME SWF maker. I used ‘*fonts* from though. It really looked like I used paint. Right, I have enjoyed my time here in SpeedyCPPSHQ. I will be hanging out at a few sites. I will blog at these sites if you want to check them out

Questions and Answers:

Why are you leaving? Because all of my friends have left

Why leave here but stay in CPPS community? My friends used to be here, now I lost them.

Who did you lose? Pingualex10, iMaryXP.

Bye, bye. I am sorry. Bye! I will still release CPPS.

Club Penguin Party! ^Sooni7

Hi all!

Come to my party at club penguin!

Come it please!

Twitter: Sooni7cp!


iOS7 Release!

Hey guys,

Just a few hours ago Apple has released the software update for iOS7.

Within this update, a whole new look was applied to the iPhone!

Are you eligible to install this update? You sure are! If you have the following:

  • iPhone 4, 4s or 5.
  • iPad 2, 3rd/4th Gen iPad, iPad Mini.
  • Latest Gen iPod touch.

Although the iOS7 readily comes installed on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which are available for purchase on Friday.

Now time for the ten best features they iOS7 has…


Every iPhone user loves Siri right? In the iOS7 Siri is much more improved, as it also draws information from Wikipedia & Twitter and much more. Another new features is that Siri now comes in a Male and Female voice, and sound more human than before.


This feature is going to be very popular! This feature allows users to quickly send others pictures, videos or other items over Wi-fi or Bluetooth. All transfers on this system are encrypted, so you won’t have to worry about the NSA spying.


If you don’t like wasting money on call minutes, this feature is for you. You can use this feature to call other iOS users for free! Facetime is very similar to Skype, and uses the internet to connect calls. You can contact other globally, and even over Wi-Fi networks.


Attention photographers! You can now apply photo filters directly from your camera app. There are nine filters to choose from, and users can apply them before or after taking a photo.


Navigating around your new iOS7 will be much quicker and easier than before! Users can now swipe to go back to the previous page they were on. This will work on some apps such as safari, messages and mail.


iTunes has now launched a radio service, similar to Grooveshark, Spotify and Pandora, where users can stream music for free, with the common advertisement in between.


Users can now choose dynamic or animated wallpapers for your background. An example of one is little bubbles that move around depending on how you tilt your screen.


Simply by swiping on the touch screen, it will pop up the devices control centre. Users can adjust the brightness of the screen, go into aeroplane mode or turn on the flash to use as a flashlight.


There goes the days of manually updating your apps! The device will now update the apps for your automatically, saving users the hassle.


The top bar in Safari no longer includes separate address and search fields. Apple has combined the two into the “Unified Smart Search Field”, where you can either type a website address or simply enter a search query. This will make things even simpler.

Before you install the update..

Make sure you backup your phone – Just in case something goes wrong and everything does get deleted during the installation process.

Make sure there is enough room – The update needs at least 3.2 GB of data to install, so delete un-necessary photos or back them all up to save space.

Delete unused apps – To save space, if you haven’t opened an app in a few months, delete it. As this new software will always auto-update apps, you will lose space if you have unwanted apps. Remember: You can always re-install the app from the app store when you do need it.


Kind Regards,

- Robot2



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