iPenguin Flooded?! + Trade Released!

Hey Penguins,

Upon logging into iPenguin, something seemed fishy. I looked all around the island and then I later realized something…oh wait…a flood?! I’ve never seen anything like this.

ipeng flood

Who could have done that? I mean, the person posting this couldn’t have possibly done it…right? Okay okay, fine. You got me. Let’s take a look around the island.

ipeng flood2

Look at that! The fountain is still flooding as we speak. As you can see, the bench I squared is floating upwards. At least you can still see the surface of the water, right? Maybe I did a little too much damage to the island…

ipeng flood3

As I entered the Snow Forts, I noticed there was still no change in how much water was in the room. Sigh…let’s keep checking.

ipeng flood4.png

Hey, what in the world are those things for?! I guess it’s protection for the rooms so the water does not enter the Puffle Hotel the Pizza Parlor, or the Forest. This is a rather interesting “party” if you want to call it that. I checked the Forest and the Cove, and thank goodness there was no flood there. The blocking of the doors worked! However, this was not my intention for the flood to become a party, considering it’s shown on the loading screen –

ipeng flood5

This is a mess, would you say the same thing?

ipeng flood6

Okay, well, that’s awkward. This flood is seriously out of hand. Those poor chairs, and that poor bucket…

The good news is, some rooms on the island were saved and blocked off from the water. At least we don’t have to drown 24/7 then!

Come join us on iPenguin to check out this interesting flood whenever you have the time!

Hey, don’t stop reading here! I am not done.

When you click someone’s playercard on iPenguin, you can easily notice there is a new button added.


The question is, what does it do? Why, it’s trade, of course!

As of right now, you can only trade credits –


Thank you ROCKnGEM for willing to help me with this post by opening trade with me! It’s still a little bit buggy, but any bugs already found will be fixed as soon as possible. Since you can only do credits right now, you can type in your trading offer by typing in an amount of credits. Let’s say you wanted to trade your friend 500 credits, or even just simply give them the credits. In “Your Offer”, you would type in “500 credits” and click Accept Trade. As you wait for an accept or a decline…


…Your friend would put an amount of credits in as well, and they would accept it. Shortly after, it will say that your trade was successful –


Thank you manyotps for willing to help me with the trade! After you finish trading, you can just simply refresh the room for your credits. Trading is still being worked on. Eventually, you may be able to trade more such as penguin glow, VIP, or what ever else may be coming to iPenguin’s way!

iCPblog also stated in his latest blog post that even more features will be coming to iPenguin soon. However, he hid them in a word search. Keep your eyes open and look as hard as you can for these 5 hidden features!

Welp, that wraps this up. Come join everybody on iPenguin! Come see this insane flood and the new trade feature today with more coming soon!

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Service Check: LimitlessCP

Scenario: A user had an issue receiving snowflakes (credits) and wanted to know how to solve the issue. The user was also curious on how to spend the snowflakes on various store features.
Moderator: TheWolf237
Helpfulness: 6/10 – The moderator was sort of helpful.
Friendliness: 10/10 – The moderator was very friendly.
Accuracy: 4/10 – The moderator was not very accurate.
Dedication: 10/10 – The moderator was very dedicated.
Comment: TheWolf237 was attentive when the user first asked for help, and did not hesitate to drop what she was doing to assist. The Moderator was helpful, but did not answer the users question. The user wanted to know why they weren’t receiving any snowflakes even though they were engaging in activities that give snowflakes. However, TheWolf237 did mention ways to get snowflakes (which the user already knew!). Overall, TheWolf237 is a dedicated moderator of LimitlessCP and very happy to do her job. 

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New Contributor – Visa


I’m Visa, a newly hired contributor that will be posing about Matt’s CPPS and it’s updates. If you don’t know me, I’d like to introduce myself. Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m an owner on MattsCPPS.us.
  • I’ve been in the community since 2010 and I played iCP.
  • After about a year in 2012 I joined the original Rile5.com but wasn’t that active.
  • I played many more servers in 2013, and started to become active on the original Rile5.com and post more on it.
  • I’ve owned a CPPS called ClubPuffle.
  • I like gaming!

That’s all! I will be posting regularly.

Thank you for reading,



Post edited by Camden
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What would you like to see on Mirai?


Hey everyone,

As we get closer to fully restoring Mirai back to how it used to be in 2013-2014, we’re starting to think about what other features you guys would like to see! We have so many great ideas for Mirai and we would love to hear your ideas as well.

Additionally, we have been working very hard to fix the bugs and restore features. If you find any bugs at all and it has not yet been reported, alert us. Please be specific and include as many details as possible, as well as screenshots if necessary. We hope to have Mirai bug free in the near future!

To post your ideas, or to report a bug, comment on http://mirai.so/blog/what-would-you-see (Login to the Mirai account panel to post a comment).

For now, everyone can redeem this code for a free 10,000 credits! The credit store is not here yet but it will be once Mirai is running smoothly.
Redeem this code in the account panel by clicking “Redeem Code” in the navigation menu:


Mirai Team

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uPlayEve: updates

Hello there fellow users,

I am Fang, the owner of uPlayEve. Along with the end of our first custom Holiday Party, we’ve pushed out some updates, which you might have seen on Twitter before. The updates aren’t big at all.

First of all, before you log in, you’ll notice the new login screen, which some of you may know (we’ve used it before we closed) and it advertises the upcoming party! There is also a piece of music that you can play.



Next, as soon as you log in, you will notice something interesting in the down right corner. Yup! It’s the feature you’ve seen in sneak peeks on @uPlayEve’s twitter for the past two weeks.



Let me explain what does it do: when you click on the black heart, you get a warning message (in-case you don’t want to replace Start Solo as the default room or your previous one). If you click yes on it, you’ve got a new favorite room! Next time you log in, you will join the game from there. As you might also have noticed, there is a favorite count – it shows how many people so far have favorited this room!

Once you click the crossed red heart, you will revert your favorite room to the default one, which is with ID 117 (aka Start Solo).

The next update is a design one, with the end of the Holiday Party (I’m really missing it, hopefully it’ll come back this year again on uPlayEve). The rooms Start Solo, Dock and Town Center are with a brand new look! Of course, the tradition of keeping the Cave Maze is all here.




And, of course, after two weeks since our launch, there is a new pin hidden at the Dance Club – Headphones Pin.



And finally, the last but not the least thing from the game updates is the new EPF message.



Wow, what’s the thing Cadence is getting ready for? Is it for the same event we’ve made those stamps?



That’s all for today’s game updates.

As you might know, we’ve got a blog too! I’ve decided to post an useful tutorial in it regarding our friend list.


Thanks for reading my first publication on SpeedyCPPSHQ. Follow @uPlayEve  for more updates and like us on Facebook: uPlayEveCPPS




– Fang

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Introduction – Dev321

Hi all,

I’m a new contributor for SpeedyCPPSHQ!


You may be wondering who I am? Well, I started my CPPS career at 2013, when I joined a forum named Rile5.com. I found Rile5 by just typing CPPS by mistake in google, what a coincidence right? That time it was a fun place, it had a lot of users, a lot of Cppses.

Do you want to know my hobbies? Yep, everybody does! My hobbies are playing CPPSes, blogging, developing CPPSes  and reading forums. I also work for two CPPSes currently. These servers are called uPlayEve and Galaxy. Galaxy and uPlayEve  have a ton of features and awesome web designs! I also visit some awesome forums like Rile5 and Solero, they are trying to make the CPPS community come back to life  as rile5.com closed.

That’s all, thanks for reading my introduction ❤


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Introducing CyberSwift

Hey guys!

I’m CyberSwift/Cyberwolf, the newest Speedy CPPSHQ author. I’m very thankful and appreciative I was given the opportunity to blog for Speedy CPPSHQ. Below is some background information about me!

  • I have been in the CPPS community since iCPv2 (early 2010)
  • I was noted for being staff on iCPv3, Penguin Safari, OpenCP, iCPPS (original),  xCPPS(and v2), HPPS, Summyt, OldCP, Club Penguin+, and CPPS.one .
  • I’m American
  • I was a Rile5.com Administrator from May 2011 to around August 2012
  • I love dogs, sports, music, and blogging
  • I currently moderate a spin-off of Riley’s forum, Rile5, called solero.me
  • I am an Administrator of CPPS.me

Once again I’m excited to join the Speedy CPPSHQ team!

Until next time,

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Wonderland: Released

Hello Everyone,

Wonderland has just released. Wonderland is a brand new AS3 CPPS. You can see more information in my previous post here. Just letting everyone know that this server has finally released. You can play Wonderland here and to visit their homepage, you can click me.

Thank You,


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Calling All CPPS Owners + Staff Members!

YOU control the news!

That’s you & you and you!

The team at Speedy CPPSHQ have been in many months of planning to bring forward a new idea in the CPPS blogging community. We love the idea of having new content, sourced directly from the source, and what’s better then sourcing that content directly from the CPPS developers!

We’re now opening up a new method of hiring members of the CPPS community, who have some direct connection with a CPPS, such as Developers, Owners, Administrators, Moderators, Designers, you name it!

We want Speedy CPPSHQ to be your place to deliver your news to the wider community. Have a new feature on your CPPS? Perhaps need a break-down post on what makes your CPPS amazing! Or even posting some upcoming custom rooms your CPPS have been working on. Speedy CPPSHQ is your hub for this.

We’re hiring a team of Contributors on Speedy, to help CPPS owners and team deliver on news. All posts will queued for administrator or editor approval, and may be altered if there are any errors within the post. We feel that if a CPPS is struggling, but has amazing features that aren’t being noticed, this tool is for you. This new innovation is currently being trialed, and if successful will be kept. We are currently looking for a total of 8 individuals to begin trial of this new system.


  • All contributors can only post about their own CPPS, or the CPPS they are a part of.
  • You can post about your upcoming server, but it must be an authentic CPPS or instant demotion.
  • Don’t spam the blog with the same post! If you have more features to add right after you post, edit your post and include them.
  • Think of this as a partnership opportunity, we give your server free exposure, so make sure to share your posts within the community and social media.

Why choose Speedy CPPSHQ?

We have a long history within the CPPS community, with the blog being first established in early 2012, and along with it being one of the most popular CPPS news blogs of the era. The blog has awoken from hibernation late last year, with brand new authors and is slowly picking up where we left off.

How do I become a Contributor? 

We’ve opened a temporary interest form which can be found here:

**Contributor apply is now closed. If still interested, contact us at contact@speedycppshq.com**

Successful applicants will be contacted via Skype.

Further questions? Drop in a comment.

Best wishes,

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Innovative. New servers are popping up today that have an idea. Not just one, but many. Wonderland is one of them. Wonderland has a redesigned interface with custom badges for staff members. The player card looks like this:


The player card is very blank and clean. Once released, there will be custom gifs you can put on your player card. Wonderland’s web design is very clean also, you can see the time taken to work on it once it releases.

It is also rumored Wonderland will have speed that you can obtain by saying !ps with a value. All of the classic features like nameglow, bubblecolor, bubbletext and namecolor will be on Wonderland. The downside is to obtain these, you’ll need premium as well as the background creator. There will also be size commands for premium. Premium is like a VIP membership. Wonderland does this to help keep the server up and to give users more of an advantage on features.

Walk on walls will be free, as well as ringcolor along with it. For the commands and the list of commands that are for premium and that aren’t for premium, you can view their commands page here.

Wonderland’s projected release date is either later tonight or tomorrow.

To go to WonderlandCP’s homepage click here.

That’s all the sneak peeks and spoilers I can give..

Over and out from Wonderland,





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