CPPS List + 3 New Pages Released


Iv’e been working hard to produce some new pages, and here they are:

The page that has been most eagerly awaited has finally arrived. The Cpps List has finally been published, after me spending almost 5 hours finding, virus testing and working on splitters for the cpps’. This cpps list is extremely long (the biggest list I have ever created) which features loads of new and old club penguin private servers. You may visit the Cpps List: Here.

Next, I have published two other pages relating to honoring people for their work. The first page is “Author of the Week”, and the other page is “Penguin of the Week”. Author of the week is, when me or Rexy select an author that we think has contributed, worked hard, and being active on the blog. The authors name and/or picture of their penguin will be displayed on that page honoring them for a week.

Penguin of the week is when we find a penguin on a cpps which proves to us that they are helpful, or create a good bond/friendship with us. Their name will feature on “The Penguin of the week” page, along with their picture of their penguin.

You can visit the pages: Here and Here.

Finally, I have spent time to type up our own Private Policy, if you would like to read/view it you can click on the tab or click: Here.

Kind Regards,

– Robot2

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Retired CPPS blogger.
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2 Responses to CPPS List + 3 New Pages Released

  1. Omg add me on CPPS.me!! My user is (:Ariana:) I am a mom, and I have a biggy and a pookie!!!!

  2. Drake says:


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